Annual Southern California Writers’ Conference *L.A./Irvine

September 20-22, 2019 • Irvine, CA

A writer is a writer, before, as well as after publication. However, any number of how-to books combined might not provide the one answer that can make the difference between being published or not. Rejection by an editor or agent seldom yields the reason as to why a manuscript doesn't grab them, and almost never reveals how it can be fixed to ensure it will. 

Founded and run by professional writers the SCWC provides veteran and emerging talent with authoritative feedback to help distinguish those manuscripts that are ready for market consideration, facilitating well over $4 million worth of first-time authors' book and screen deals. Offering extended one-on-one evaluation of material and dozens of interactive workshops, the SCWC is among the only conferences specifically tailored to provide comprehensive feedback on your work. 

Along with the read & critiques run during each session, many interactive problem-solving and assignment-oriented workshops are also available, as well as plenty of other opportunities to sidle up next to editors, agents, executives, and other authors joining us to discuss things on a more intimate level. 

No matter which path to publication you are pursuing, whether you're a writer who can't figure why your work's not working, a writer simply in search of answers, a writer wanting feedback on what you've written, or a writer who doesn't know where to start, join us. 

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