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Miracle at Del Norte

A powerful story of forgiveness and redemption, based on true events.

Is God still in the miracle business? Even after witnessing the murder of his parents as a young child, Rob Jacobs grows up to be the All-American boy, marrying his high school sweetheart, and enlisting in the Marines to serve his country in the Persian Gulf War. Corporal Jacobs returns home optimistic from Desert Storm to a very pregnant wife, but after suffering with a permanently injured leg, he develops a deadly dependence to painkillers. His addiction leads him to a stint in prison where he renews his Christian faith, but is quickly tested by divorce, vengeance and AIDS. If anyone needs a miracle it's Rob Jacobs.

The Fender

9 Lives of Badge 656


A sprawling saga that spans over four decades about a unique Fender guitar and the family that owned it.

A coming of age novel that follows a young teenage boy as he grows up in Southern California with his girl and his guitar. He ends up in Viet Nam where his adventure kicks into high gear. Meanwhile, his professional musician cousin "borrows" the guitar and goes on tour with his band, which leads into an adventure of its own. A Family Saga that you'll never forget!

Audiobook 3.jpg

9 Lives is an honest account of the authors experiences as an LAPD street cop during the turbulent 1970s. It seems to be taken right from todays headlines. Excitement, humor, and danger.


AKA: Super Trick

A Policeman's Memoir - Vol. II



VICE COP-AKA: SUPER TRICK was in the top 100 of best sellers in the Biographies of Law Enforcement books for 4 months straight.

Starts where 9 Lives leaves off. Will our protagonist beat the record and become the new Super Trick?

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