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The San Moritz Murders

Inspired by actual events. A 40 year old cold case involving the murder of a family of four and their pet dog in the upscale San Moritz neighborhood near Lake Gregory, California.

When LAPD Homicide Detective, Charlie Bates suffered a dibilitating heart attack he thought his time investigating heinous crimes were over. Little did he know that a newspaper article about the 40th anniversary of the Secosky Family murders would draw him into a mystery that involved the CIA, KGB, disgruntled relatives, jealous neighbors, escaped convicts, pedophiles, and jilted lovers.

Detective Bates, while waiting for a heart transplant begins to investigate this horrible crime. Will Detective Bates run out of heartbeats before this cold case is solved?

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An action packed page turner that you won't be able to put down.

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